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Pick a genre and start reading. Like dark romance, paranormal or contemporary? 


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Read the latest WIPs before anyone else and give your valuable feedback before stories are even released!  


**Disclaimer. These stories are unedited drafts, subject to change at any time.  All stories, drafts ect. are the property of Lana Sky and CANNOT be shared or distributed at any time, for any reason without written permission from the author.  Stories marked with 18 + are for readers 18 years and older and can contain explicit material, disturbing subject matter and sexual content not suitable for all readers. You read these stories are your risk. 





How do I read?


Sign up for membership and enter the CLUBHOUSE!  You have access to all of the clubhouse stories and content, including members only forums. How fancy!  Once you're in, reading is as simple as clicking on a book cover and delving inside!



How do I read the "exclusive" stories?


Help keep the site running by becoming a VIP member.  Click to Learn more!




Can I download stories to read offline/share with friends?


NO. Every draft is my intellectual property. Downloading, saving or removing content from the site is strictly PROHIBITED. Anyone caught sharing links, passwords or copying documents will be removed, banned and blacklisted. The integrity of the site would also come into question. Don't be a dick and ruin it for everyone. I love writing and sharing my stories, some for free. Please respect my art so that I can continue to keep sharing. Everybody wins!  



I'm having trouble reading/accessing parts of the site!  What do I do?


Make sure you are selecting stories in the main CLUBHOUSE. Click on a cover picture to read. Still having trouble? Leave a message in the forums, or email me directly at and I'll do my best to offer assistance.


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Want to read exclusive stories, sneak peeks, VIP extras and have the chance to vote on plot pots you like/want to read the most?  Well, my friend, you sound like a VIP.  With a small one-time donation, you have lifetime access to this special part of the site, AND you get to help keep it all running.  

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