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January Writing Asthetic

It's a new year, and a new attempt for me to be more open about my writing habits. Unlike most...normal (?) writers, I can't just pick an idea from thin air and follow it through to the end like a dutiful workhorse. My brain dictates my stories, and my inspiration tends to ebb and flow, depending on different seasons, emotions I'm feeling, and other things that shape my mood. I tend to span several stories at once, and one will just bleed all of those aesthetic-feelings and themes that I want to tackle at that moment.

This month, it's all about a melancholic mood, angsty emotions and vengeful love. Which, of course, means another dark romance and plenty of fitting music to brood to.

Melancholic mood? What the eff is that?

Well, I don't really know. That creepy, crawling, longing feeling you get when you look back at terrible memories that happen to relate to painfully good ones. Like someone who you loved furiously at one point, but not anymore. Those memories that sting, and nibble at your soul and remind you of snowy, wintry days: beautiful and deadly.

Songs that have helped me tap into this mood the best?

Winter - PVRIS

Take it Easy - Greg Laswell

Fortitude - HAEVEN

Wicked Game - Ursine Vulpine

Which brings me to the WIP that I've been challenging all of these vibes into. Ever trust someone who hurt you more than anyone else in the world ever could? Ever want to get them back, only to love every second of hurting them?

Only to realize that you may have gotten it all wrong in the end?

Or maybe, you've been the one being played all along?

Welcome to the brain of my latest male MC. He's ruthless and reckless and he may wind up doing damage beyond repair. Not that he cares--or perhaps, not until it's too late.

Then again, maybe his victim brought it all upon herself...

What kinds of music, stories or books do you think best fit this "aesthetic?"

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