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Dark romance, Contemporary, Paranormal and more!

Dragon Triad: The Complete Duet

Dragon Triad Duet

The Complete Ellie Gray Chronicles

The Ellie Gray Chronicles: Drain Me & Chain Me


XXX: Vadim Book 3

Crossed Lines

King's Horses

Savage Fall Duet Book 2


Beautiful Monsters Book 1

Vadim: The Complete Trilogy

XXX: Vadim


Dragon Triad Duet


XXX: Vadim Book 2

I (One)

War of Roses Book 3


XXX: Maxim Book 2

Pretty Perfect

Maxim: The Complete Trilogy

XXX: Maxim

Queen of Thorns

War of Roses Universe (Mice and Men Book 2)


XXX: Vadim Book 1

VII (Seven)

War of Roses Book 2

King's Men

Savage Fall Duet Book 1

Drain Me

The Ellie Gray Chronicles Book 1

The Complete War of Roses Trilogy

War of Roses Books 1-3

Ruthless King

War of Roses Universe (Mice and Men Book 1)

Chain Me

The Ellie Gray Chronicles Book 2


XXX: Maxim Book 3

A Taste Like Sin

Painted Sin Book 2


XXX: Maxim Book 1

The Complete Painted Sin Duet

Painted Sin


Dragon Triad Duet

A Touch of Dark

Painted Sin Book 1

XV (Fifteen)

War Of Roses Book 1


Beautiful Monsters Book 2

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