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Daemon's Blade

Daemon Blade



Daemon's Blade

Ice-queen Serana Blake is quite content to be—peacefully—single. That is until her world is upended by a smooth-talking, dirty-minded “daemon” hybrid who, for whatever reason, seems intent on breaking down her barriers…

Via any means necessary.

When the persistent and sexy, Logan Merris does his best to melt her icy exterior, little does she realize that he has more on his mind than a one-night stand. Like preventing the end of the world, for one.

And avoiding any attempt at a serious relationship.

As unforeseen events pass, they may be unable to avoid their budding attraction. Will they be able to keep their walls in place, or will destiny have the final say?

A new paranormal series of duets for each couple in a greater world of linked books. Each duet set can be read as a standalone, but will be better enjoyed if read in order.

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