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Blood Diamond

Diamante de Sangre



Blood Diamond

When it comes to family, there’s little Lupita Sanchez won’t do—even if it means throwing herself in the path of a man as feral as his predatory namesake.

Julian “Jaguar” Domingas has carved out a violent reputation as one of the most powerful and dangerous drug lords alive. He’s exactly the kind of beast Lupita has learned the hard way to run far, far away from—but desperate times call for insane measures.

Jaded and cynical, Jaguar has seen it all when it comes to the multitude of schemers and spies eager for even a taste of his power—and convincing him to help her won’t be easy.

Protecting her heart, however, will be child’s play—or so she thinks.

After all, what can a man like Jaguar want more than her body? Certainly not her soul…

And definitely not her love.

El Mundo de Sangre is a world of linked dark romance trilogies. Diamante de Sangre continues where Dinero de Sangre ends. Each trilogy can be read as a standalone, but will be better enjoyed if read in order.

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