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Drain Me

The Ellie Gray Chronicles



Drain Me

Eleanor, who is terminally ill, has accepted her fate — until mysterious vampire Dublin gives her another option. To live in his dangerous world, she must submit to him, body and soul… and she soon finds herself wanting to offer her heart, too.

“Red coated his lips, vibrant against that ivory skin. He was the devil incarnate, dressed impeccably in Armani, and I had never seen a sight more terrifying.”

When diagnosed with a fatal illness at the age of twenty six, Eleanor Gray is resigned to her fate—at least until the enigmatic Dublin Helos appears and makes her an offer she knows she should refuse: Life or Death?
With a decision as harmless as checking the wrong box on a mysterious questionnaire, Ellie is plunged into a dangerous world where souls are sold to the highest bidder and pleasure is fueled by pain.
The rules of this new life are simple: submit everything—mind, body and soul. But the further Ellie falls under Dublin’s control, the more she comes to realize that it’s not just her sanity at stake, but her heart and a whole lot of blood too.

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