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Mice and Men Box Set 1 (Ruthless King & Queen of Thorns)

Mice and Men



Mice and Men Box Set 1 (Ruthless King & Queen of Thorns)

Mice and Men Series Box Set 1 includes Ruthless King and Queen of Thorns. Books one and two in a series of sinister romances.

Ruthless King
To avoid bloodshed, former crime lord Donatello plans to arrange a union between his nephew and a rival family. Instead, he’s drawn to beautiful young Willow himself—despite their dark and painful past…

After a decade spent claiming a throne for himself in the seething violence of the criminal underbelly, all Donatello Vanici craves now is peace.

Only a union forged between his heir and the most powerful mafiya family in existence could ever be strong enough to end the bloodshed for good, but the Stepanov head resists his overtures at every turn...

Until tragedy strikes, and forces Donatello’s hand.

Haunted by a past that dogs her every thought, Willow Stepanov will do anything for the man who adopted her—until a chance encounter with the enemy lands her right in the middle of a dangerous power struggle and a war that grows more violent and vicious each day.

But it's not just her future her captor holds hostage.

He is a man with nothing left to lose—while she may just lose everything.

Her life, her family, and her heart…

Queen of Thorns

With all hope of the peace shattered beyond redemption, Donatello Vanici is waging his most violent, bloody war yet.

And caught in the heart of the carnage is Willow Stepanova, the adopted daughter of his dangerous enemy and the girl who once adored him to the depths of her soul.

Torn between her loyalty to her family and her volatile connection to Donatello, Willow quickly realizes that it’s not just her life at stake in this vicious battle…

But what will be left of her in the end?

Mice and Men is a standalone series in the War of Roses Universe.

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