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Monster in My Shadow




Monster in My Shadow

Note to self: Beware of the tall, beautiful stranger with feral eyes.

Small-town life is all I’ve ever known—until he appears. He stalks me from the shadows while wordlessly begging me to draw near. After a fateful night, my world will never be the same.

I should want to run from him.

He claims he won’t hurt me—even though every fiber of his being urges him to.

I don’t have a choice but to trust him.

We’re linked in a way that goes beyond mere attraction, or even lust—and anyone who threatens that bond will rue the day he ever crossed their path.

Even if that person is me.

A new dark paranormal small-town shifter romance from Lana Sky. Enter the world of Ravenswood where curses are as real as the things that go bump in the night and sprout fangs and claws. Monster in My Shadow is the first book in a trilogy.

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