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Rogue Angel

Sinners & Saints



Rogue Angel

Daze Keaton tried to walk away from the murky, criminal threads of his past—but he should have known better. The secrets you keep will always follow you. Left with no choice but to go all in, Daze will do anything to regain the power he begrudgingly relinquished—no matter who or what might get in his way. As their paths collide once more, Daze and Frey must find a way to survive the mounting threats coming for them... without losing their souls or their newfound relationship. A brand-new dark romance trilogy full of mystery, suspense, angst, and spice. Sinners & Saints is a trilogy with books one and two ending in cliffhangers.

Haunted by the part she played in her brother’s death, Frey Heywood once believed there was just one final way she could ever atone for her sins. But the man who saved her from the brink is a far cry from the angel she once thought he was.

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