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The Black Mountain Pack Duet

The Black Mountain Pack



The Black Mountain Pack Duet

Police officer Bill McGoven is a wolf shifter with an alpha dominance he can’t seem to quench, and he has watched over Loren Connors from afar. But when trouble finds her, he’s forced to step into her life and do the unthinkable — which will bond them in ways she never imagined…


Eighteen-year-old Loren Connors is just another angst-ridden teen with a world of problems to hide. Bill McGoven is the strange police officer who seems to be watching her every step.

Loren doesn’t know that Bill—the reclusive owner of the one place she sees as a safe haven—is a werewolf. One who’s had his eye on her for longer than she can remember…

And one whose past and present are bound to hers in a way she can’t even imagine. When one tragic night brings him from the sidelines of her life and into her orbit, there is no turning back.

They’re bound together, whether they want to be or not.


With the help of the man who turned her life on its head, Loren must learn to navigate the new world she’s been thrust into—all while discovering the secrets of her parentage and the ways of a lycan.

When the undeniable bond between herself and her reclusive savior reaches a tipping point, there can be no turning back.

She must either embrace her newfound primal heritage and all that comes with it, or shun her true nature—and Bill—forever.

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