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The Complete Dinero de Sangre Trilogy: Blood Money, Blood Ties, & Blood Bound

Dinero de Sangre



The Complete Dinero de Sangre Trilogy: Blood Money, Blood Ties, & Blood Bound

In this twisted dark cartel romance, revenge and hate collide with the past...Read the Completed Trilogy...

Blood Money

Betrayed by the Pavalos family, former bodyguard Domino vows retribution — and finds it when he kidnaps beautiful Ada. Held at his mercy and forced to endure his fury, Ada can’t resist the dark passion that seethes below Domino’s rage…

Ten years after a devastating betrayal, revenge has come back to bite Ada Pavalos.


Once her family’s trusted bodyguard, Domino Valenciaga is out for blood.

Or her heart.

Whichever goal takes more violence to achieve...Blood TiesAs Ada adjusts to the hellish predicament she finds herself in, one thing becomes painfully clear—Domino isn’t the only monster with her life in his hands.And by no means is he the most dangerous.Jaguar brings with him a wealth of mystery—and violence—that threatens to rock what little ground with Domino she’s managed to gain.In the end, Ada will have to make a choice with both her life and her body on the line.Only one man can offer her mercy should he choose to.The other…Doom.

If only she knew which fate would hurt less—losing her freedom, or losing her heart?Blood Bound

Hunted by a dangerous enemy, Ada Pavalos is forced to place her faith—and her life—in the hands of the man who has been holding her captive in his own twisted bid for revenge.

But the truce they’ve forged between them is fragile, impeded by Ada’s struggle to trust where Domino’s loyalties lie—because what if the deadliest threat isn’t Jaguar after all?

What if it’s Domino who will destroy her in the end?

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